Why should you go for HTML5/CSS3?

Website development is one of the most crucial tasks for every person or company in order to promote or sell their products. Thus, a diligent and a professional web developer can only be relied upon to do this job. Although, many claim to be self taught but a professional institute will always have better knowledge on the market requirements thereby giving you a better career opportunity. We at Om Web Technologies have been acknowledged as the Best Coaching Institute of Delhi NCRfor high-end training with an expert faculty team. We have been appreciated time and again for our way of teaching at low fees structure to accommodate students from various sectors. As our focus is in creating future professionals in the world of Internet, you will be exposed to live projects during your choice of long orcrash courses.

Being one the most trustworthy and versatile institutes of Delhi, we meet trainees with different requirements related to web design, software, graphic,web development and codes etc. However, we have seen a significant rise in the demand for learning HTML 5/ CSS 3 among new or experienced web developers.

What is HTML 5?

HTML 5 is the fifth release of Hypertext Markup Language that is used in the definition and structuring of web content. CSS 3 on the other hand is the latest release of Cascading Style Sheets that defines the layout of a webpage and yields exceptionally fruitful results when linked with HTML 5. Benefits that you can access to if you do a crash course in these technologies are

  • Audio and Video support : Most websites will need different plug-ins for enabling audio and video effects. HTML5 in combination with CSS 3 offer audio and video support without the use of any third party plug-ins
  • Compatibility and Fast Access : Every web page without these codes won’t be compatible with all browsers and platforms. But websites using HTML5 and CSS3 will be downloaded faster and supported by various browsers with different resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Offline use : If you learn how to use these codes, you can provide your future client with an advantage of accessing his webpage without Internet. HTML5 has a unique feature of storing web application code and content, through its offline application cache. Thus, you can make the webpage accessible to your client or readers while they are travelling in offline mode.
  • Media Support : You do not need to use Flash application for media support anymore as HTML5 offers various alternatives to it when synchronised with CSS 3
  • Cost effective : As you can use this code on various platforms without third party plug-ins and flash applications, the cost of developing and maintaining your webpage will be reduced to a considerable amount.

Apart from all the above advantages there are many other features and technologies that you can avail once you learn HTML5/CSS3. It’s the future for all websites and will soon take over old layouts and web codes which can be already seen with its great rankings all over Google. Thus, you must get yourself upgraded about this new technology at a dedicated institute like ours for an in-depth training of One Month for just Rs.2999 only.